About FinSecCon

For the past decade, digitization has greatly transformed and disrupted the financial industry. While new technologies offer many opportunities, advantages and conveniences, it has also presented many challenges, especially in the area of security.

In the past several years we have seen quick adoptions of new financial technologies, from cryptocurrencies to mobile banking at the consumer end, and from big data analytics to artificial intelligence at the enterprise end. However, we have not seen serious discussion of the security issues inherent in all these emerging technologies.

FinSecCon intends to close the gap by providing a platform to bring together technical experts to present and discuss security issues relating to Financial Technologies (FinTech). This will be a 1-day single-track conference hosted in Singapore, one of the 4 financial centers in the world. The inaugural FinSecCon will be held on (23rd) 30th November 2018.

Call For Papers


We would like to invite security researchers/practitioners from all over the world to send in their presentation proposals based on the following topics or areas of interest:

1. Blockchain/DLT
2. Smart Contracts
3. Artificial Intelligence
4. Data Analytics
5. Fraud Detection
6. Information Leakage/Misinformation
7. Payment Technologies
8. Cryptography
9. Authentication/Biometrics
10. NFC/Chip & Pin
11. Any other topics related to security of FinTech

Your presentation should focus on security or insecurity of financial technologies. Your presentations should be technical in nature. There should not be any product and/or marketing material in your presentation.


All presentation proposal submissions should include the following:

1. Name of presenter
2. Email address of presenter
3. Title of presentation
4. Summary of presentation (not longer than 1 page)

Please submit your CFP to cfp@finseccon.org
The deadline for CFP is 14 September 2018


All selected speakers will be entitled to the following privileges:

1. Reimbursement of Air ticket for 1 presenter up to a maximum of SGD1500.
2. 2 nights of accommodation at conference hotel.





Date Price
Before 1 September 2018 To Be Announced
Before 1 October 2018 To Be Announced
Before 1 November 2018 To Be Announced
1 Nov - 11 Nov 2018 To Be Announced

* Price inclusive of 7% GST

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